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If you are a Clayton NC property owner seeking property management services or a renter looking for a new home for rent, you've reached the best source of information!

Property Owner Information As your property management service - we do all the work - for less! Enjoy a fee structure which makes it possible to produce income, not just cover the mortgage. We take the hassle away by screening, monitoring and being the first point of contact for your renter - field all the questions and issues on your behalf!

Renter Information Allow us to find the perfect home for you and your family. If not in our inventory of homes, then we'll reach out and search all available homes for rent to find exactly what you seek!

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For Property Owners

Clayton NC Property Management Making Rental Properties Profitable for YOU! Lower Fees, Higher Service!

Genevieve Devalle is fully committed to exceeding your expectations as a property manager, handling the Clayton NC Property Manangement Division on a full time basis, not an "on-the-side" job. You should know the property management company you have servicing you is working, not only exclusively for you, but full-time for you as well - handling all of your property management needs. Devalle Realty LLC will not only market the home to renters at the highest level... Multiple Listing Service,,, Craigslist and a host of other rental sites focused on exposing residential rental properties to the world of renters, but also handle all of the potential hassles involved with renting/managing your own property.

Now you can have peace of mind knowing a professional property manager is dedicated to watching over your Clayton NC residential rental property!

The property management process will be discussed in full detail upfront. All decision-making, fees, rental details and marketing will be mutually decided between you and Genevieve.

We will make certain, laws are followed and guidance with such issues is given. The goal is to remove any uncertainty with the landlord experience.

We have repair services, should the need arise. Estimates will be given, and again, decisions will be mutually decided. A small escrow reserve is held on your behalf should an emergency require quick late-night repairs to prevent additional possible damage to the home. The following day, more complete solutions will be discussed and resolved with your approval.

Common sense, practical approach is our style. Coupled with attention to detail with regard to the handling of money and resident screening.

As a Clayton NC property management company we offer a fee structure designed to make you a profit. You pay nothing until rental payments begin rolling in. A small one-time listing fee coupled with a low percentage monthly property management fee covers it all! No extra or hidden fees.

Standard forms recommended by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission are utilized. The addendums to the Standard Form 410-T Residential Rental Contract are the 415 Move-in Inspection Form and 440-T Maintenance Addendum. All parties involved fully understand who is responsible for what.

All steps of resident approval are handled... criminal background check, employment verification, prior tenant history - a complete resident screening is performed.

On-going monitoring of your Clayton NC home for rent is an additional priority. A walk-through inspection is performed when renters leave to estimate any damages, so security deposit reimbursement amount may be calculated.

Rental market analysis is provided so you have the highest possible rent rate for your Clayton NC home.

More Information for Residential Rental Property Owners and Forms Review.

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For Renters

The Best Place to Find the Perfect Home!

Clayton NC Property Management - Rental Information

We are an equal opportunity housing provider. We fully comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act. We do not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familiar status, or national origin. We also comply with all state and local fair housing laws.

Application Process for Devalle Realty LLC- Clayton NC Property Management.
For rental homes listed with Devalle Realty LLC, the non-refundable rental application fee is $50 for each adult, or $90 for each married couple. A criminal check, credit report, employment verification and prior rental history is performed. The criteria for approval is the totality of the information. For example - a poor credit score resulting from a recent marital divorce, does not necessarily mean non-approval.

Please provide a picture ID with the completed application. Applications should be completed in full. Including prior two pay stubs or some proof of current income will speed the approval process. The process typically takes 2 to 3 business days. This is on a first-come, first-served basis.

For a personal tour of a home you have an interest, contact Genevieve Devalle at 919-524-6999 or email Genevieve.

More Clayton NC Renter Information, Available Homes, and Application.

Clayton NC Homes for Rent

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If searching for a Clayton NC Home for Rent, go to Renter Information.

Links on the left-hand side of the each page direct you to other areas of interest relating to Clayton NC Homes for Rent. Feel free to visit all areas of this website.

The Devalle Realty LLC -Clayton NC Property Management Services - is determined to be your number one source when seeking the most information about Clayton NC Homes for Rent! This site is meant to provide Featured Clayton NC homes for Rent Listings, as well as, homes for rent througout the Clayton NC Area. To find a home for rent click HERE. At the top of the page, under "Advanced Search", switch to "Rentals" and you're off and running!

We recommend you re-visit this site and search tool often, because new Clayton NC homes for rent come on line, all the time. Homes for rent are added daily to the multiple listing service. Here you learn the most about the homes for rent being added. If unable to find out what is important, simply give Genevieve a call and she will gladly find the information for you! Full time, focused on providing information about homes for rent, she is your Clayton NC property management resource.

Homes are available in a wide range of rental paymentment amounts, square footage, number of bedrooms, lot/yard sizes and other features. Clayton NC Property Management covers areas such as downtown Clayton, within Clayton city limits, outside city limits, Riverwood, Flowers Plantation, Glen Laurel, Archer Lodge, Cleveland and Wilson Mills areas and more. Communities have a varying level of amenities to offer, ranging from no homeowner's association to a complete list of amenities to include swimming pools, fitness facilities, spas, tennis, golf, walking trails, etc. The Clayton NC property management homes for rent you are considering may or may not include the amenities. If the community has amenities, access may or may not be included in your rental payment. That is important information for you to understand prior to signing your rental agreement. Genevieve is available to help with all related Clayton NC property management issues and questions.

Restrictive covenants (things allowed and not allowed in the community) is also something you should understand prior to committing to a Clayton NC home for rent. You want to make sure, for example, the boat/trailer you may own is able to be parked in the driveway.

When considering a home under Clayton NC property management, we encourage you to visit the community, talk with neighbors and get a sense of the surroundings. Visiting different days of the week and times of day may reveal the positives and negatives.

For additional information regarding Clayton NC property management, visit all areas of the website. Links to school information, general town information and contact numbers are available for you. Genevieve may be reached for any question about the area, any topic involving property management and the homes currently for rent.

Property Owners

Property owners considering joining the family of Clayton NC property management services - Genevieve will walk you through the process. Its easier to start earning rental income than you may believe. With a property manager overseeing everything, its nice to know someone else is building equity in your rental home.

Trying to sell, but not having any luck? Holding off on a reloaction, because the mortgage payoff is more than what you could sell for? Thoughts of not making future mortgage payments, because job loss or pay cuts? Turning your Clayton NC property into a rental income source is something to seriously consider. Turn a negative into a positive with Clayton NC Property Management Services!

Before the situation gets any worse, have someone else start making the payments for you! Peace of mind when monthly checks roll in from your Clayton NC property! To get started, review the forms involved and give Genevieve a call. Your credit doesn't need to be destroyed and you don't need to be imprisoned in a home you no longer wish to be in. Turn your home into the property investment you believed it should always have been!

For more information regarding Clayton NC property management, visit Property Owner Information

Genevieve is available to take your call, discuss all aspects of Clayton NC property management, review current rental market conditions or arrange an on-site visit.

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For a personal tour of a home you have an interest, contact Genevieve Devalle at 919-524-6999 or email Genevieve.